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This is my big fuck you to you.

Are you going to assume I’m pro-life? Anti-choice? Against women?

That’s the one that pisses me off right now.

Against women.

How about some fucking exposure for other female assigned at birth (FAAB) individuals? Why the assumption that FAAB equals woman? Why the assumption that woman equals FAAB? Why the assumption that life adheres to these arbitrary rules that society has determined, that uterus equals childbirth equals woman and testes equals sperm granter equals man?

What about the FAAB transgender people that get raped? Are their choices not to be trusted?

Or how about if they’re denied medical treatment from physicians that are transphobic and don’t believe we exist or even shouldn’t?

Or those that reverse, halt or pause their transition, be it FTM or nonbinary, in order to have children?

Or the nonbinaries – the androgynes, genderqueer, genderfluid, agendered, intergendered, bigendered and countless others – whose very existence is erased and tossed aside by the cissexual and transgender communities alike?

Why the fuck are we being ignored? Why are we not up for your consideration? Why do we have to plea to you just to have our right to choice of reproduction represented? Why do we have to shout to be heard as our peers are raped, abused, manipulated and killed when so many of us, our friends, family, neighbors, fellow people don’t seem to give a damn?

Since when is the right to reproductive freedom, the right to choice, only a right for women and not for people?

Just how many of you care?